Boss Injection

A multi-active injection for the treatment and control of internal and external parasites of cattle.

Active ingredients:
7g/L ivermectin, 7g/L eprinomectin and 223g/L levamisole phosphate.

Dose rate:
1ml/35kg (200mcg/kg ivermectin, 200mcg eprinomectin and 6.37mg/kg levamisole phosphate) by subcutaneous injection.

Withholding periods:
21 days meat, 35 days milk. See label for full details.

Pack sizes:
500mL vial.

Features and benefits:
- Convenient injectable application.
- Multi-active macrocyclic lactone/levamisole combination.
- Includes unique CO-MECTIN™ macrocyclic lactone   blend incorporating eprinomectin and ivermectin.
- Effective in the treatment and control of Cooperia spp   resistant to endectocides, as well as
  benzimidazole-resistant parasite strains.
- Effective against gastrointestinal parasites, lungworm as   well as sucking lice (Linognathus vituli).
- Doesn't require refrigerated storage.

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