Boss Injection

A unique high concentration injection for the treatment and control of internal parasites of cattle. It has been designed especially for larger cattle, including lactating dairy cows.

Active ingredients:
Eprinomectin (20mg/ml) and Vitamin E (50mg/ml).

Dose rate:
1ml/100kg (200mcg/kg eprinomectin & 500mcg/kg vitamin E) by subcutaneous injection.

Withholding periods:
14 days meat, 0 days milk. See label for full details.

Pack sizes:
500mL vial.

Features and benefits:
- Convenient injectable application.
- Low 1mL per 100kg for easier treatment and reduced
  risk of injection site leakage.
- Nil milk withholding period.
- Longer persistent activity against a
  broader range of parasites.
- Better blood levels of eprinomectin when compared to
  pour-on formulations.
- Shorter meat withholding (14 days) than other   macrocyclic lactone injectable formulations.
- Co-administration of vitamin E.

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