A monensin-based formulation designed as an aid in the control of ketosis in cattle and the reduction of bloat.

Active ingredients:
Monensin 120g/L in a micronised, low-volume, liquid concentrate for use as a trough treatment.

Dose rate:
Formulated for use with metered in-line water dispenser systems such as Dosatron® brand systems. Do not use in non-metered or individual-trough dispenser systems. Measure the required daily volume based on 2.5mL/cow/day. Pour the measured volume directly into the solution tank and mix thoroughly. See label for complete dosing instructions..

Withholding periods:
Nil meat, nil milk

Pack sizes:
20L packs (8,000 daily treatments). 

Features and benefits:
- High concentration, low dose.
- Very easily mixed
- Packed in convenient, easy to carry 20L packs.

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