TURBO Initial

TURBO® Initial
Turbo® Initial is an oral drench specifically designed for weaned calves. It provides broad worm parasite coverage as well as helping to protect against coccidiosis. This bridges the 'susceptibility' gap after calves come off coccidiostat-treated meal and before they develop natural coccidiosis immunity.

Turbo Initial is the first treatment in the Turbo parasite control programme for cattle. Consult your veterinarian for treatment advice.

Active ingredients:
2g/L Eprinomectin, 80g/L Levamisole HCl, 10g/L Diclazuril, 4.4g/L Cobalt (min. 33.6g/L Cobalt disodium EDTA), 1g/L Selenium (2.4g/L Sodium selenate).

Dose rate:
1ml/10kg (0.2mg/kg Eprinomectin, 8mg/kg Levamisole HCl, 1mg/kg Diclazuril, 0.44mg/kg Cobalt, 0.1mg/kg Selenium).

Withholding periods:
35 days meat. Not to be used on bobby calves.

Pack sizes:
1L, 2.5L and 5L back packs.

Features and benefits:
- World's first dual active anthelmintic with the addition of   an anticoccidial
- Treats roundworm infections and lungworm as well as   aids in the control of coccidiosis in one convenient dose
- Includes supplemental source of cobalt and selenium
- Effective against resistant worm strains, including those   resistant to both macrocyclic lactones and levamisole
- More effective at delaying worm parasite resistance than   single active products
- Helps to control coccidiosis by removing the parasites   already present in the gut and reducing environmental   contamination by limiting oocyst excretion.
  In New Zealand studies oocyst excretion was   significantly reduced for up to 70 days after treatment   when compared to untreated controls.
- Does not interfere with the normal development of   immunity by the calf to coccidiosis(1)
- High safety margin. Unlike oral combination drenches   containing abamectin,Turbo Initial can be used in calves   less than 120kg live weight
- Developed for NZ conditions by a NZ owned company

(1) Agneesens J et al: Build-up of immunity after a   diclazuril treatment in calves, Janssen Animal health,   2007

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