Alleva to meet the demand for sheep drenches


Following the announcement that Boehringer Ingelheim will withdrawal from the NZ sheep market this December, New Zealand owned Alleva Animal Health is gearing up to meet the demand. “We have quite an investment in developing novel combination anthelmintics for sheep going forward. We do have a pipeline of new products coming in the next two to four years, ones that we believe will be better than what vets and farmers have had access to previously” explains Blair Loveridge, general manager of Alleva Animal Health.

They can already offer clinics and sheep farmers a strong alternative to disappearing double and triple combinations, including BOSS® triple combination mineralised sheep drench which is currently the only triple-active drench to be successfully registered under the latest regulatory framework, requiring a higher standard of testing to ensure it is fit for purpose and will perform as veterinarians and farmers expect.

Loveridge says the potential for clinics and farmers however is not replacing like with like, but rather preparing the market for what’s to come from R&D that Alleva has already committed to. “As a well-established vet-only supplier, we believe the withdrawal offers a chance for the sheep drench market to refresh and their focus is on new technologies with sheep anthelmintics that have a higher value proposition from the get-go, so they are less vulnerable to the commercial risk of low margins than older options.”

In the immediate term though, clinics have the opportunity to transition their clients to products such as BOSS® triple combination mineralised sheep drench. With the power of three individual drenches all packed into one convenient dose, it’s truly New Zealand’s worm control triple star.

Proudly New Zealand owned, Alleva Animal targets it’s innovation on products that are both the next step in safety and efficacy as well as designed specifically for New Zealand farming conditions.

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