TURBO® Triple Minidose

TURBO® Triple Minidose is a world first triple oral combination of eprinomectin, oxfendazole and levamisole.  It is more effective at delaying parasite resistance than single and double active products.

Active Ingredients:
2g/L Eprinomectin, 80g/L Levamisole HCL & 45.4g/L Oxfendazole, 1g/L Selenium & 4.4g/L Cobalt

Dose rate:

Withholding periods:
Sheep: 21 days meat, 35 days milk
Cattle: 35 days meat, 35 days milk

Pack sizes:
1L, 5L, 20L


Features and benefits:

  • World’s first triple eprinomectin-levamisole-oxfendazole oral drench for cattle and sheep
  • Contains eprinomectin, the most potent broad-spectrum Avermectin/Milbemycin identified to date[1]
  • Triple active ingredients combining the potency and safety of eprinomectin with levamisole and oxfendazole
  • Includes supplemental source of cobalt and selenium
  • Broad spectrum internal parasite activity
  • Effective against resistant species including those resistant to both macrocyclic lactones, benzimidazoles and levamisole
  • More effective at delaying parasite resistance than single and double active products

[1] Shoop WL. Et al: International Journal for Parasitology. 1996 Vol 26, no. 11. 1227-1235.

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