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TURBO® Advance

TURBO Advance is a world-first blend of eprinomectin and levamisole in a convenient 1ml/10kg oral treatment for cattle. It provides highly potent internal parasite control combined with a wide margin of safety.

TURBO Advance can be used in the second treatment stage of the TURBO parasite control programme for cattle.

Active Ingredients:
2g/L Eprinomectin, 80g/L Levamisole HCl, 4.4g/L Cobalt (min. 33.6g/L Cobalt disodium EDTA), 1g/L Selenium (2.4g/L Sodium selenate).

Dose rate:
1ml/10kg (0.2mg/kg Eprinomectin, 8mg/kg Levamisole HCl, 0.44mg/kg Cobalt, 0.1mg/kg Selenium).

Withholding periods:
35 days meat, 35 days milk

Pack sizes:
5L and 15L


Features and benefits:

  • World’s first dual eprinomectin-levamisole oral drench for cattle
  • Dual active ingredients combining the potency and safety of eprinomectin with levamisole
  • Includes supplemental source of cobalt and selenium
  • Broad spectrum internal parasite activity
  • Effective against resistant species including those resistant to both macrocyclic lactones and levamisole
  • More effective at delaying parasite resistance than single active products
  • High safety margin. Unlike oral combination drenches containing abamectin, Turbo Advance can be used in calves less than 120kg live weight

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