Broad spectrum mineralised
sheep drench + tape

CORPORAL® + Tape Mineralised Drench for Sheep

A broad spectrum sheep drench for the control of tapeworms (heads and segments), adult liver fluke and susceptible gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworms in sheep and lambs including benzimidazole and levamisole resistant strains.

Active Ingredients:
Albendazole 25mg/mL, Levamisole HCl 37.5mg/mL, Praziquantel 18.8mg/mL, Selenium 0.5mg/mL, Cobalt 0.2mg/mL, Copper 2mg/mL, Zinc 0.6mg/mL, Iodine 1mg/mL.

Dose rate:
1mL/5kg (5mg/kg albendazole, 7.5mg/kg levamisole HCL and 3.76g/kg praziquantel).

Withholding periods:
10 days meat, 35 days milk.

Pack sizes:
1L, 5L & 20L


Features and benefits:

  • Convenient dual combination plus tape drench with added minerals.
  • Controls a broad range of internal parasites and tape worm heads and segments.
  • Effective against benzimidazole and levamisole resistant strains.

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