TURBO® Triple + Tape Mineralised Oral Drench for Sheep

A multi-active mineralised oral drench for the treatment and control of tapeworm and internal parasites of sheep.

Active ingredients:
1g/L eprinomectin, 22.7g/L oxfendazole, 40g/L levamisole, 18.8g/L praziquantel, 0.5g/L Selenium, 2.2g/L Cobalt.

Dose rate:
1ml/5kg (0.2mg/kg eprinomectin, 8mg/kg levamisole HCl, 4.5mg/kg oxfendazole, 3.76mg/kg praziquantel).

Withholding periods:
18 days meat, 35 days milk.

Pack sizes:


Features and benefits:

  • Triple-active ingredients for improved efficacy against gastro-intestinal parasites
  • Controls a broad range of internal parasites.
  • Effective against those gastrointestinal worms that have single or dual resistance to the avermectin/milbemycin, benzimidazole or levamisole/morantel anthelmintic action families.
  • Also provides efficacy against tapeworm
  • Contains eprinomectin, a macrocyclic lactone active ingredient with a better safety profile when compared to abamectin – this makes the product ideal for use in lambs where safety concerns are heightened.

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