MARATHON® Se Oral Drench for Sheep

A proven long-acting oral drench containing moxidectin for treatment and control of internal parasites as well as itchmite in sheep.

Active ingredients:
1mg/ml moxidectin as well as 0.5mg/ml selenium.

Dose rate:
1ml/5kg liveweight (0.1mg/kg selenium and 0.2mg moxidectin/kg).

Withholding periods:
10 days meat, milk - 7 milkings (84 hours). See label for full details.

Pack sizes:


Features and benefits:

  • Convenient 1mL per 5kg dose
  • For the treatment of gastrointestinal and pulmonary nematodes and itchmite of sheep
  • Prevents reinfection with Haemonchus contortus for 35 days and Ostertagia circumcincta for at least 21 days following a single oral dose
  • Provides an aid in the supplementation of selenium


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