Treat and prevent iodine
deficiency in sheep and cattle


Long acting injection for treatment and prevention of primary and induced iodine deficiency in sheep and cattle.

Active Ingredients:
26% w/v organically bound iodine Peanut oil containing in a clear, light-yellow solution for injection into sheep and cattle.

Dose rate:
For i/m use only. Injection must be given into the anterior half of the neck.
SHEEP: all ages, 1.5mL.
CATTLE: 3-6mL.
Treatment of iodine deficiency:
Treat animals with goitre, and those suspected of having subclinical iodine deficiency, with a standard dose. It is recommended that ewes and cows also be treated when goitre is detected in lambs and calves.
Prevention of primary iodine deficiency:
LAMBS: Treat at weaning. 
EWES: Treat 1 month before mating, or not less than 2 months before lambing. 
RAMS: Treat 1 month before mating.
CALVES: Treat at weaning. 
CATTLE: Treat 1 month before mating, or not less than 2 months before lambing.
Prevention of induced iodine deficiency: In all stock, treat at least 2 months prior to the feeding of Brassica or other goitrogenic (goitre-producing) crops. Repeat treatment annually to avoid subclinical iodine deficiency. Dairy cattle may require frequent treatment to maintain adequate iodine levels.

Withholding periods:
Meat& milk nil. 

Pack sizes:
500mL packs.


Features and benefits:

  • Long acting formulation.

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