Systemic insecticide
for lice control in cattle


One treatment systemic pour-on for the control of mature and immature forms of lice on cattle (insecticide).

Active Ingredients:
Contains 200g/litre temephos & 510g/litre Hydrocarbon Liquids.

Dose rate:
6ml Lypor Pour-on per 100 kg liveweight.

Withholding periods:
- 10 days meat, 14 days milk.
- Not to be used on dairy cattle within 14 days of calving.
- Do not use within 3 days of administering any other Organophosphorous material.

Pack sizes:
5L vial.


Features and benefits:

  • Controls mature and immature forms of biting louse (Damilinia (Bovicola) bovis), long-nosed sucking louse (Linognathus vituli) and short-nosed sucking louse (Haematopinus eurysternus) following a single treatment.
  • Controls lice without selecting for drench resistance when compared with macrocyclic lactone pour-on lice treatments.

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